Wednesday, September 23, 2009's all about Turkey! is a mosque and one used to be a church.. both are the places to come for a prayer, for quiet, for peace-no matter religion.. somehow the christian symbols remained untouched through centuries there in Turkey, in Haya Sophia and Chora Church.. and people of both religions would come and find here a bit of their home, and feel a bit like home..

..devil's eye and cats.. inseparable from a memory of Turkey for me now..
apparently inseparable from daily life of Turkish people too..

..nane รงay, at the tea-garden with its all embracing water-pipes' light and fragrant smoke , background noise of people, having rest or chatting, alone or with friends.. ..refreshing and relaxing, so perfect companion for a pause from the outside chaos, from hectic rhythm of the day, from too many thoughts and worries.. one of the simple pleasures that make you realise is made of those simple things and pleasures we tend to ignore, while searching for bigger and more important.. what IS there more important than the very moment you live, NOW?

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